2021 River Ramble


 Distance from

Donald Flat Lagoon

 Travel Time @ 7.5 kmh

Ease of Travel

 32 km

 4 hour 16 minutes

Very Easy

Historic Morgan was, at one time in history, the second largest port in South Australia and the largest river port in South Australia. During the heyday of paddle-steamers, Morgan was the home port of hundreds of paddle-wheelers. Today the great Morgan wharf is mouldering and Morgan is home to only one historic paddle-wheeler "PS Canally". Morgan, however, still has a wealth of history about those romantic river days. Morgan is also the commencing point of the 320 kilometre Morgan/Whyalla Pipeline.

The was a spectacular sunrise the morning left Donald Flat Lagoon and headed upstream towards Morgan. Once at Morgan, the RMBOA Mooring Marshall assisted the many boats select an appropriate mooring spot amongst the nearly 50 boats in the fleet. Morgan was one of the locations that the RMBOA has designated as a refuelling spot. Boats, can, of course, refill their jerry can whenever fuel is available, but at this spot, an arrangement was made with the local roadhouse to come down with a trailer, gather up the jerry cans, fill them at the roadhouse and return the full cans to the fleet.

After the fuel run, it was time for the daily RLD (Ramble Little Drinks) where items of interest for the day and the trip to Caudo's Vineyard on the following day were discussed. There was no pre-arranged evening meal, but many Ramblers went to either the Terminus or Commercial hotels for dinner.